Cleaning and storing your Marine Engine: Tips for Winterizing your boat motor


Seasonal changes can be a challenge for maintaining your boat engine in top condition.

Proper cleaning and storage are essential to ensure your marine engine is at its best when the next boating season arrives.

This process involves not only removing the accumulated salt and residues but also carefully preparing all parts and components for prolonged storage.

By following these steps, you can be confident that your engine diesel will run efficiently and reliably when it's time to set sail again.


Cleaning and storing your Marine Engine: Tips for Winterizing your boat motor

Cleaning your Marine Engine before winterizing

As the boating season ends, it's crucial to prepare and store your boat, including a thorough cleaning of the marine engine. Follow these cleaning tips before winterizing your boat:

- Exterior cleaning: Begin by cleaning the engine's exterior with fresh water to remove salt and accumulated residues from your nautical adventures.

- Marine Engine compartment: Take this opportunity to clean the boat's engine compartment. Check for leaks or any items that may need attention before winter storage.

- Cables and connections: Inspect cables and electrical connections to ensure they are clean and in good condition. If necessary, repair or replace them.

- Cooling system: Pay special attention to the engine's cooling system. Clean it with fresh water to remove any saltiness. Remove the impeller from the raw water pump, clean it with fresh water, and store it in a dust-free and sun-protected place.

- Exhaust check: Examine the exhaust elbow for any obstructions that may affect the engine's efficiency.

- Thorough drying: Ensure the engine is entirely dry before storage, as moisture can lead to corrosion. 

- Lubrication and Protection: Lubricate the moving parts and apply a dielectric spray to the electrical connections to protect sensitive areas of the engine. At Solé, we offer you a wide range of original consumables so you can perform maintenance effortlessly.


Marine Engine Winterization

After cleaning, store your marine engine in an adequately ventilated indoor space, ideally in a location with controlled humidity.

Keeping it away from humid environments is crucial, as moisture can lead to critical components and electronics corrosion. Proper ventilation also helps to circulate the air, preventing mold formation and component deterioration.

Striking a balance between moisture protection and ventilation is crucial for the effective winterization of your marine engine and, consequently, the safe hibernation of your boat.


Cleaning and storing your Marine Engine: Tips for Winterizing your boat motor
Cleaning and storing your Marine Engine: Tips for Winterizing your boat motor

Pictures: Nàutica Colomí, Solé authorized service.

Keep your Marine Engine ready for action. Preparing for the next boating season

After your boat's winter hibernation, it's essential to follow these steps to get your marine engine back in action:

- Fuel: Fill the fuel tank and inspect the fuel filter for cleanliness and blockages. Replace the filter element if necessary. Solé offers all the filters you need for engine maintenance.

- Oil change: Change the engine oil to ensure proper lubrication and eliminate any buildup of used oil. For peak performance, use genuine Solé Diesel oil.

- Cooling system hoses: Check the condition of the cooling system hoses to prevent leaks.

- Coolant: Fill the cooling system with suitable coolant and inspect the connection of hoses and tubes in the system.

- Visual inspection: Perform a visual inspection to ensure no leaks in any engine systems. Make repairs if needed.


By following these tips, your engine will be prepared for winter storage and the upcoming boating season. Keeping your engine in top condition and up to date on maintenance helps prevent issues in the future.

Remember that, as manufacturers, we always recommend relying on qualified professionals for any interventions on your marine equipment.

Solé Diesel's network of authorized service centers and workshops is at your disposal to ensure your engine receives the care it deserves. This guarantees that you can enjoy each journey with complete confidence and peace of mind.


Proper engine maintenance is the first step toward worry-free boating, and we are here to assist you at every turn.