Cooled rubber stuffing box in inches for Marine Engines

Rubber stuffing box for cooled stern tube certifies a hermetic seal of the stern tube. Low maintenance, only periodic greasing is necessary. For shaft diameters between 1 and 2 inches. See details below.

Part Number Description ø SHAFTDA
40026131 Rubber Stuffing Box D.1" Sleeve D.43 1 IN43 MM
40032131 Rubber Stuffing Box D.1"1/4 Sleeve D.49 1,5 IN60 MM
40038131 Rubber Stuffing Box D.1"1/2 Sleeve D.60 1,25 IN49 MM
40044131 Rubber Stuffing Box D.1"3/4 Sleeve D.65 1,75 IN65 MM
40051131 Rubber Stuffing Box D.2" Sleeve D.70 2 IN70 MM