Customizing the Marine Engine

Optimize engine performance, safety, and functionality with electrical and mechanical kits designed to tailor your vessel to your sailing style. Elevate your maritime experience with innovative technology and expert service from Solé.

Customise your marine engine and take your experience to the max.

At Solé Advance, we understand that every sailor has unique needs. That’s why we offer customized solutions to transform your vessel with our Mechanical and Electrical Kits, ensuring a perfect fit to your sailing style.

Whether you seek to improve performance, safety, or functionality, our kits are designed to deliver a unique maritime experience.

Customise your engine

Tailor-made solutions with technology and experience

Our Electrical Kits for Marine Engines, like the Solé SGC 2000, allow you to monitor your equipment through digital devices, providing ease and convenience. Additionally, Exhaust Temperature Alarm Kits and Leak Alarm Kits ensure your peace of mind, protecting your vessel at all times.

Maximum performance and reliability

Solé Mechanical Kits for Engines significantly improve your engine’s performance, adapting to any maritime challenge.

From optimizing the propulsion system to enhancing fuel efficiency, we focus on maximizing your sailing experience.

Explore the range of options available: Power Take-Off, Heating Take-Off, Second Alternator, Idle Valve, Front Pump, and a wide variety of alternatives that you can develop based on your needs.

Customise your engine

Commitment to Quality and Service

At Solé, we pride ourselves on our maritime heritage and commitment to innovation. Each kit is designed to deliver performance, safety, and comfort, backed by expert and personalized global service.

Transform your navigation with Solé

Discover how our kits can customize your Marine Engine and elevate your nautical experience. Contact your nearest Solé distributor to explore all the possibilities and start your journey towards limitless sailing.

Request your non-binding personalized quote today and discover all that we can do for you.


Customizing the Marine Engine
Customizing the Marine Engine