Exhaust silencer for Boat Motor

Wet exhaust silencer with a particular inner structure which allows to significantly reduce noises produced by gases, creating an additional mixture with the exhaust water. In addition, the resistance of the water/smoke mixture passage is reduced to the minimum due to its design.

Part Number Description DALAH
60700341 Exhaust Silencer D.45 45 MM372 MM150 MM105 MM
60700342 Exhaust Silencer D.50 50 MM372 MM150 MM105 MM
60700343 Exhaust Silencer D.60 60 MM372 MM150 MM105 MM
60700344 Exhaust Silencer D.75 75 MM372 MM150 MM105 MM
60700345 Exhaust Silencer D.90 90 MM460 MM183 MM135 MM
60700346 Exhaust Silencer D.102 102 MM460 MM183 MM135 MM