Fleet of pilot boats in the Suez Canal equipped with Solé 17 GT generator sets

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We present this project led by the authorised distributor in Egypt, Amsterdam Alexandria, in which our generator sets have been installed on a fleet of pilot boats.

The Suez Canal Port Authorities needed to equip six pilot boats with generator sets to supply the electrical power needed to run the auxiliary equipment and the onboard air conditioning system.

Following the preliminary study, the 17 GT marine generator, manufactured with a 4-cylinder Mitsubishi base engine, was offered, providing three-phase power of 16.4 kVA. This model is versatile, compact and offers relaxed continuous operation, making it perfect for commercial and professional applications.

During the time allotted to carry out the project, the engineering team travelled to the area to provide the necessary support.

In the photos, you can see the first two boats in the water with the generator sets already installed, two more boats in the slipway, about to be equipped with the generator sets, and, finally, the last two boats in the shipyard during their manufacture.

The installations, commissioning and water tests were supervised by all the professionals involved in this great project, whom we thank for their good work and, of course, for trusting Solé Diesel marine generators.

Boat type Displacement
Model Pilot Boats
Length 0
Displacement 0
Application Pilot
Equipment installed 17 GT
Other equipment installed
Service Amsterdam Alexandria Marine