Genuine Parts and Accessories

Discover the difference with Solé Advance: Original Accessories for maximum maritime performance. Ensure the durability and efficiency of your engine with our spare parts and accessories.

Original Spare Parts, Accessories, and Consumables by Solé Advance

When you choose a Solé Diesel engine or generator, you are opting for the highest quality and exclusive manufacturing.

To ensure that your equipment has a prolonged lifespan and optimal performance, and to avoid any risks that could affect its functioning or your safety, it's essential that you always use original Solé Diesel spare parts. These not only extend the durability of our products but are also necessary to maintain the warranty conditions.

Contact your nearest Solé Diesel distributor to acquire any spare parts or accessories you need. With our global logistics network, we guarantee a quick and efficient delivery.

Original Spare Parts, Accessories, and Consumables by Solé Advance

Maintenance Packs for Solé Advance Engines

Each Solé maintenance pack contains original spare parts, accessories, and consumables, everything you need for periodic maintenance of your marine engine.

By always having these packs on board, you ensure maximum efficiency and performance of your engine, ensuring safe and calm navigation. You will save time and money on engine check-ups, keeping your engine always ready. Enjoy the peace of mind of having the best technical support wherever you sail. They are available through our network of Solé or Solé Advance distributors.

Discover them and sail with confidence.

Original Spare Parts, Accessories, and Consumables by Solé Advance

Original Lubricants and Fluids for Marine Engines

Keep your engine or generator set in top condition with Solé's original fluids.

Our range includes engine oils, transmission oils, and coolant-antifreeze, each specifically formulated to protect and maximize the lifespan of your equipment. Solé engine oils ensure optimal lubrication, reducing wear and keeping the engine clean and efficient.

Solé transmission oils facilitate smooth operation and extend the durability of internal components. Meanwhile, our coolant-antifreeze protects your engine against extreme temperatures, preventing corrosion and overheating.

Original Spare Parts, Accessories, and Consumables by Solé Advance

Keep your engine and generator set in the best condition with Solé's original accessories.

Find everything you need to start up, perform periodic reviews, and keep your equipment in optimal condition. From oil and fuel filters to impellers, anodes, and fuses, not to mention all the essential fluids for your boat's engine.

Explore our complete range and discover how each accessory is designed to maximize the performance and durability of your engine.

Discover the full range HERE and sail with complete safety.