Gland packing for stuffing box of marine engines

Braided packing designed to ensure the tightness of the stern tube in marine engines. Made from high-quality acrylic fiber yarns, it offers resistance to wear and compression. It is impregnated with 40% Teflon, a lubricant known for its ability to minimize friction and enhance the longevity of the seal. Its braided composition allows for a flexible and adaptive installation, adjusting to various surface geometries. Supplied by the meter, it is available in different diameters to meet specific needs.

Part Number Description DIMENSIONESØ ShaftMax. PressureTemperatureSpeedPH
M95200060 Teflon Packing 6-6 6X6 MM30-40-45-50 MM30 BAR260 ºC10 M/S3 - 12
M95200080 Teflon Packing 8-8 8X8 MM60 MM30 BAR260 ºC10 M/S3 - 12
M95200100 Teflon Packing 10-10 10X10 MM19-25-35 MM30 BAR260 ºC10 M/S3 - 12
M95200120 Teflon Packing 12-12 12X12 MM75 MM30 BAR260 ºC10 M/S3 - 12
M95200140 Teflon Packing 14-14 14X14 MM70-85 MM30 BAR260 ºC10 M/S3 - 12
M95200160 Teflon Packing 16-16 16X16 MM90-100 MM30 BAR260 ºC10 M/S3 - 12