Global Service and Official Maintenance by Solé


Thank you for choosing Solé for your engine or generator! We greatly value your trust and want to assure you that you have acquired a product of total reliability and maximum quality.

When it comes to keeping your investment in perfect condition, you can rely on Solé global service network. We offer comprehensive maintenance and technical support services for your boat's engine and generator.

Thanks to our extensive network of distributors, with authorized services in over 60 countries worldwide, you can be sure to find the qualified and experienced professionals you need to care for your Solé Marine Engine.

With over 2,000 sales and service points, Solé's presence always nearby ensures you can fully enjoy your journeys worry-free. Furthermore, our efficient logistics operations allow us to supply the necessary spare parts within a minimal delivery timeframe, ensuring your boat is always ready to set sail.

From initial startup to regular maintenance, specialized technical support, and quick spare parts delivery, we are committed to meeting all your needs. At Solé, our goal is to provide you with the best service, wherever you are.

Global Service and Official Maintenance by Solé

Trust Solé to keep your boat in perfect condition and enjoy sailing with complete peace of mind

Global Service and Official Maintenance by Solé

To ensure a seamless experience on your maritime journey, we provide access to the Solé distributor and authorized service map. Quickly find the nearest service point and rely on the experience and commitment of our professionals to keep your engine in optimal condition.

Furthermore, if you are considering purchasing an engine for your boat and have questions, your Solé distributor can also assist you. Our expert staff will provide personalized advice and guide you through every step of the process, offering the most suitable recommendations for your needs.

Solé is your best ally in providing the peace of mind and performance your boat deserves.