Installation of diesel generator 62,5 GT on Albo Puertas fishing boat

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Introducing this project carried out on the Albo Puertas fishing vessel, located in Castro Urdiales, Cantabria.

The authorized distributor in the Cantabrian, Talleres Navales del Río, informed us of the need to design a generator set capable of generating alternating current for on-board electrical needs, with a maximum power of 62.5 kVA.

In addition to this power configuration, we designed the second customization to guarantee the maneuver of the stern thruster propeller, by adapting a hydraulic pump. For this operation, we transformed a 165 GT generator, with DEUTZ base engine, SDZ-280 (genset version).

In this type of seine fishing boat there is a risk of damaging the seine (net) while fishing. To avoid this, the hydraulically actuated stern thruster has the mission of moving the vessel away from the net during working time, thus avoiding any conflict with the seine while fishing.

On the other hand, in this custom-made professional application, a front alternator and various customizations made by the client have been mounted, such as metal protection and the adaptation of the position of the control panel according to needs.

Without a doubt, a great tailor-made project in which we thank Talleres del Río for their great installation and service work and the customer for the trust placed in Solé marine generators.

Boat type Vessel
Model Albo Puertas
Length 24
Displacement 0
Application Seine fishing
Equipment installed
Other equipment installed

Hydraulic pump

Earth isolation installation

Service Talleres Navales del Río

Compatible accessory