Installation of two 20 GSC Gensets at DenDen Istanbul

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The marine company BTMCo has decided to use again Solé generator sets as a solution to supply the power supply of this magnificent yacht.

The DenDen Istanbul, owned by DenDen Yachts, has been equipped with a pair of Solé marine generators model 20 GSC. This model is mounted on a 4-cylinder Mitsubishi engine block working at a single-phase power of 20,1 kW - 20,1 kVA at 1500 rpm and 5o Hz. It is designed for recreational boats with high electrical demand or even continuous duty demand. A wide range of kits are available to configure and adapt it to the required needs of the boat. These two sets will have no difficulty in performing their task: supplying the yacht's entire power supply in a reliable and durable manner, providing safety for the crew when boarding.

The design of the gensets is compact and versatile, and their anti-vibration cabin offers comfortable and quiet sailing. The sum of these two features makes it ideal for this type of vessel.

Boat type Yacht
Model DenDen Istanbul
Length 0
Displacement 0
Application Commercial
Replaced New installation
Equipment installed 20 GSC
Other equipment installed
Service BTMCo