Mechanical gearbox Technodrive TMC60A for marine engine

The TECHNODRIVE TMC60A marine transmission, designed for boat engines, is equipped with mechanically actuated conical clutches controlled by a servo system. This model is noted for its gears, engineered for quiet operation, ideal for vessels aiming to minimize noise in marine propulsion systems. It also features oversized bearings that ensure enhanced durability and optimal performance. The TECHNODRIVE TMC60A inverter is perfect for applications requiring a tilted output, providing a robust and efficient solution.
Engine Manufacturer Clutch actuation Output º Red.
MINI-17 Technodrive Mechanical 7 2.00:1
MINI-29 Technodrive Mechanical 7 2.00:1
MINI-33 Technodrive Mechanical 7 2.00:1-2.00:1
MINI-44 Technodrive Mechanical 7 2.00:1
MINI-55 Technodrive Mechanical 7 2.00:1
MINI-62 Technodrive Mechanical 7 2.00:1
Oil cap. 0,65 L
Max. Oper. º 15 º
Output º 7 º
Weight 14 Kg
Max. Temp 95 ºC
Gearbox type INCLINADO

Reduction ratios

Forward Reverse
2.00:1 2.17:1
2.45:1 2.17:1

All reductions are available on 45 mm and 75 mm shaft (L).

Compatible accessory

SAE 7 - BW housing coupling TMC

Adaptor Flange SAE 5 TMC

Flexible coupling type A SAE 6"1/2

Flexible coupling type A D. 185

Flexible coupling type A D. 155

ATF Sole Diesel Oil 1L

Bracket, GearBox Control