Mechanical kits for Marine Engines

We offer a wide range of options to customize the engine and
adapt it to your needs. Thus, you can choose between different offers of optional kits that you can add to your engine and get a designed and fully customised product.

Power take-off kits

Designed for take-off power from the engine with the aim of using it in other different propulsion function applications. The way the power is captured may differ:

  • In parallel to the propeller shaft.
  • Through the crankshaft: power take-off in line (at the same shaft) or pulley power take-off (different shaft by belt power transmission).
  • By distribution, for example, the sea water pump.
  • Through the gearbox.


Second alternator kit

Thanks to this kit, we offer a fully independent alternator from the principal DC alternator. This application allows to take-off alternative power to produce DC current.


Boiler kit

It diverts hot coolant from the engine in order to leverage the heat. It is an easy assembly kit, as it consists of two assembled fittings on the cooling system. 


Front sea water pump kit

According to the same power take-off principle, this kit presents the pump outside its original place since it is assembled on the crankshaft pulley. It is a recommended option for small compact engines with possible accessibility difficulties, for example, the MINI-17. We offer this kit both for new manufactured engines and old engines.


Double fuel filter kit

This kit offers greater security and meets the requirements of the most demanding classification societies such as DNV, RMRS, RRR or B&V, according to the Solas agreement. 


Trolling valve kit

This bypass valve works with the oil pressure to clutch in varying degrees, with the aim of reducing lower propeller RPM to the engine idle, and it is suitable for hydraulic gearboxes.


Remote oil filter

Developed for the oil filter use/maintenance when the accessibility presents problems. Easy installation, the adapter is coupled as another filter in a relocation that prevents from the access problems, thus facilitating the product maintenance. The cable length is 1 m.