Our commitment: Innovation and excellence

We are driven by a passion to exceed expectations at every stage, from manufacturing to the final product. Our commitment to innovation and excellence sets us apart, and the most rigorous certifiers endorse our dedication.

At Solé Advance, we take pride in meeting the most demanding certifications in the industry worldwide, which validates our ability to address the growing challenges in terms of quality, safety, environmental protection, and corporate social responsibility.

We rigorously comply with regulations and standards, reducing risks and improving performance, while promoting sustainable development in all our business activities.

We collaborate with the leading certification companies in the current landscape:

Associations we collaborate with

At Solé Advance, we are committed to the nautical sector as an economic driver of our society. Therefore, we are part of the largest national associations, contributing to the growth of the sector, fostering the creation of quality jobs, and promoting a favorable legal, fiscal, labor, and administrative environment for the development of the activity.

Our commitment
Our commitment
Our commitment: Innovations and excellence

Quality declaration

Quality is the cornerstone of our philosophy at Solé, where we always strive to achieve excellence. We work continuously to ensure the highest quality in all our products and processes, focusing on meeting the needs of our customers. We ensure that all our business activities meet the highest quality standards, encompassing not only the products but also the after-sales service and all the internal processes of the company. This comprehensive approach involves all areas and departments in achieving the highest quality.

Our quality control is regulated by the ISO 9001:2015 standard, certified by Bureau Veritas. This standard ensures that all elements of our quality management are designed to continuously manage and improve the quality of our products and services. This includes an external evaluation by Bureau Veritas, which certifies our compliance and awards us the corresponding certificate.

Additionally, we periodically review and update our objectives and processes internally, adapting them to the needs of the moment, which is an essential part of our continuous improvement efforts.