Our purpose: Promoting positive impact in the nautical sector through more responsible action

Solé advances, committed to innovation, quality, and customer satisfaction, sailing towards the future with a focus on excellence and sustainability.

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What drives us

  1. WE MAKE FAMILY.We believe in a team that shares our heritage, respecting a familial and close-knit way of being. Our purpose is to create an environment of safety and stability that allows them to shine and reach their maximum potential. We strive to provide exceptional treatment that not only inspires trust in our team but also in our customers and throughout our community.
  2. OUR STRENGTH, YOU. Customers are our reason for being and the inspiration behind every one of our actions and decisions. We pursue models of constant improvement and maintain active listening to, in this way, offer the products and services most suited to the current and future needs of the naval sector.
  3. ADAPTED TO YOU. We value the uniqueness of each project and approach it in a unique way. We adapt to the needs and requirements of those who collaborate with us on increasingly challenging projects that allow us to explore new horizons in navigation.
  4. TOTAL COMMITMENT. We maintain an unwavering commitment to people, the sector, and society, giving our best on every occasion. We dedicate all our attention, effort, and resources to understanding the needs and expectations of our environment to build a more promising and respectful future for everyone.

A Bit of Our History…

Discover the evolution of Solé through more than a century of innovation.

Since its founding in 1912 by Enrique Solé Jorba, Solé Advance, formerly known as Solé Diesel, has charted a path of constant evolution and commitment to excellence. We began our journey as a workshop for the construction and repair of carts and carriages, adapting to the changing times with automobile repairs and the introduction of locksmith services and gasoline sales starting in 1931.

Promoting positive impact in the nautical sector through more responsible action.

The adversity of the Spanish Civil War in 1936 marked a pause in our activity, which we resumed with vigor in 1939. After the war, scarcity drove our innovation towards manufacturing our own parts, diversifying into tractors through Solsuc and into industrial dishwashing machines since 1960.

However, it was our focus on the nautical sector since 1949 that defined us, making us leaders in the Remotorization of boats.
Our specialization in the marinization of industrial engines has led us to collaborate with renowned brands such as Lombardini, Mercedes Benz, Perkins, and Mitsubishi, with whom we celebrated 40 years of collaboration in 2018.

Promoting positive impact in the nautical sector through more responsible action.
Promoting positive impact in the nautical sector through more responsible action.

The launch of the MINI series in 1970, and specifically the iconic MINI-17 model in 1988, marked milestones in our commitment to innovation and quality. Ten years later, we began the production of Generator Sets, which has subsequently allowed us to consolidate ourselves in the most demanding professional markets.

Under the direction of Enrique Solé Matas since 1992, and with the incorporation of Marieli Solé Toledano in 2014, fourth generation and current CEO, we have maintained our legacy of excellence, combining the experience of generations with contemporary innovation and technology.

Promoting positive impact in the nautical sector through more responsible action.

We celebrated a century of history in 2012, a testament to our tradition and adaptability.

Recent achievements reflect our dynamism and vision for the future:


Launch of the SDAMEP

Launch of the SDAMEP

Launch of the SDAMEP, a training and employment internship program carried out in collaboration with the University of Barcelona and various local nautical schools to promote young talent. Today, Solé is a leading center where the country's top professionals in the sector begin their careers.


40 years of collaboration with Mitsubishi

40 years of collaboration with Mitsubishi

We celebrated 40 years of fruitful collaboration with Mitsubishi.


Renovation of our machining shop

Renovation of our machining shop

We renewed our machining workshop with an investment in new machinery, underlining our commitment to quality and efficiency.


Creation of Solé Iberia

DNV Type Approval and creation of Solé Iberia

We created Solé Iberia, expanding our presence in the national territory and specializing in the distribution of complementary brands. Additionally, we achieved Type Approval certification from the DNV entity for our full range of Generators, certifying the highest performance and safety at sea.


Global expansion

Global expansion

Our global expansion accelerated, with a presence in new markets such as South America, the Caribbean, North Africa, or Southeast Asia, and we intensified our presence in existing markets through agreements with new distributors. We are currently present in more than 60 countries.


Rebranding process

Beginning of rebranding projects and transformation works

We began an exciting rebranding process, symbolizing our evolution. Simultaneously, we begin the Partial Plan project, through which we will carry out a major transformation of our facilities, to adapt our production process to the current market needs.


Solé Advance is born

Solé Advance is born

We bid farewell with gratitude to Solé Diesel and welcome Solé Advance, a journey toward new horizons. Join us!