Plastic waterlock for Boat Motor

A waterlock/muffler perfoms the task of collecting the water from the exhaust hose after the boat's engine stops so it prevents water from entering it. The waterlock has a built-in muffler.

Part Number Description TypeDACapacityLHA
60700040 Waterlock 40-45-50 1 40-45-50 MM7 L485 MM220 MM150 MM
60700041 Waterlock 55-60-65 2 55-60-65 MM20 L660 MM320 MM220 MM
60700042 Waterlock 75-90 3 75-90 MM33 L760 MM400 MM290 MM
60700044 Waterlock 100-115 3 100-115 MM33 L760 MM400 MM290 MM