SCO 11 Panel Solé Diesel for marine generators

The SCO 11 Solé Diesel by ComAp panel is the control and protection panel supplied with Solé generator sets. On its screen, it shows the operating status of the marine generator and all the information about it. It is designed to be easy to use, both for the installer and the end-user, as it is a Plug & Play solution, so it is supplied ready to mount and work. The SCO 11 model replaces the SCO 10 in the generator sets that incorporate it as standard scope of supply. Both panel models share the same base and guarantee maximum reliability, with the difference that the SCO 11 offers a renewed appearance with more features that allow a greater variety of configurations such as the possibility of activating certain alarms. Solé Diesel's SCO 11 controller offers a more up-to-date, compact, and lighter design. In addition, its wiring and installation are much more protected than its previous model, the SCO 10. Like the other Solé Diesel control panel models, the SCO 11 has a remote control, so it can be controlled from a distance. See the manual for how to use. Finally, it should be noted that all Solé Diesel panel models, SCO 5, SCO 10 and SCO 11, are interchangeable models, so that any user of a generator set with one of these panels can change to another of these if so you need it.