Solé 12 GSA/GSAC Marine Genset

The 12 GSA/GSAC is a single phase marine generator assembled on a 3 cylinder Mitsubishi engine block. This generator set performs 12,0 kW - 12,0 kVA at 1800 rpm and 60 Hz. It is suitable for leisure boats with larger electrical demand as it can be the charter boats. The sound shield (canopy) version provides a quiet and noiseless navigation for those who enjoy the most with this activity. There is also a wide range of kits available for those who have more specific needs, even the possibility of synchronism for parallel operation, and DNV type approval from IACS.
Max RPM 1800 RPM
Maximum active power 12 KW
Frequency 60 HZ
Phases Single-Phase
Total length with canopy 1032 MM
Total width with canopy 580 MM
Total height with canopy 668 MM
Total length without canopy 885 MM
Total width without canopy 580 MM
Total height without canopy 609 MM