Solé Advance marine engine SM-105 discontinued

6 cylinders In line 95 HP (69,9 kW) 2500 RPM

Inboard engine on Mitsubishi base, 6 cylinder - 95 HP (69,9 kW) at 2500 rpm and 4996 cc. The 6 cylinders marine engine Mitsubishi based SM-105 delivers a rated power of 95 hp at 2500 rpm and is a very versatile boat engine that offers maximum maximum durability. It is atmospheric aspirated, it is a low consumption boat engine. This inboard marine engine has very low vibrations emission and is very quiet. It´s 6 cylinders allow power to be very balanced. Delivers torque at the complete range offering high stability and working very alleviated. It is a diesel engine for boats that works completely balanced. This diesel marine engine is the best choice for professional and commercial applications, such as fishing boats, semi-displacement, , displacement ships (dock working, leisure sailing or non glidersyachts) sailboats bigger than 49 feet and mucho more.
Base engine manufacturer Mitsubishi
Intermittent power 95 HP - 69,9 KW
Max RPM 2500 RPM
Number of strokes 4
Number of cylinders 6
Layout of cylinders In line
Cylinder diameter 94 MM
Cylinder stroke 120 MM
Total displacement 4996 CC
Intake system -
Standard voltage 12 V