Solé G-15T-3 Marine Generator

The G-15T-3 generator delivers a three-phase power of 12.0 kW - 15.0 kVA at 3000 rpm and 50 Hz, mounted on a 3-cylinder Mitsubishi engine block. It is part of Solé Diesel's range of 3000 rpm generators, designed for vessels with limited space but high power needs, characterized by their compact design. Ideal for small commercial vessels, Solé Diesel offers a wide range of kits for more complex configurations.
Max RPM 3000 RPM
Maximum active power 12 KW
Frequency 50 HZ
Phases Three-Phase
Total length with canopy - MM
Total width with canopy - MM
Total height with canopy - MM
Total length without canopy 1022 MM
Total width without canopy 485 MM
Total height without canopy 548 MM