Solé marine Generator 14 GS/GSC Parallel

The 14 GS/GSC Parallel is a marine generator equipped with a 4-cylinder Mitsubishi engine block that delivers a single-phase power of 13.9 kW - 13.9 kVA at 1500 rpm and 50 Hz. It is the ideal genset for recreational vessels with high electrical demands. The cabin version provides more comfortable, quiet, and peaceful navigation. This model comes standard with parallel operation configuration, allowing synchronized operation of two or more generators, ensuring a large amount of power supply to a single network. Available with a wide range of customization kits. This results in high performance, reliability, efficiency, and lower consumption.
KVA 13,9 KVA
Max RPM 1500 RPM
Frequency 50 HZ
Phases Single-Phase
Total length with canopy 1181 MM
Total width with canopy 580 MM
Total height with canopy 668 MM
Total length without canopy 1036 MM
Total width without canopy 580 MM
Total height without canopy 612 MM
Maximum active power 13,9 KW