Solé Marine Generator 25 GT/GTC Parallel

The 25 GT/GTC parallel is a marine generator set equipped with a Mitsubishi 4-cylinder engine block, delivering three-phase power of 19.4 kW - 24.3 kVA at 1500 rpm and 50 Hz. Compact and efficient, it is ideal for commercial vessels with high power demands and limited engine room space. Maintaining the same size as its predecessor, the 20 GT/GTC, this model offers an additional 5 kVA - 4 kW thanks to its more powerful engine. The enclosed version ensures quiet and comfortable navigation. We offer a wide range of kits for more demanding configurations. This model comes standard ready for parallel operation, allowing multiple generators to work together. This setup ensures the reliability and security needed to prevent breakdowns and guarantee a continuous power supply.
KVA 24,3 KVA
Max RPM 1500 RPM
Frequency 50 HZ
Phases Three-Phase
Total length with canopy 1310 MM
Total width with canopy 610 MM
Total height with canopy 698 MM
Total length without canopy 1140 MM
Total width without canopy 610 MM
Total height without canopy 662 MM
Maximum active power 19,4 KW

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