Solé MINI-55 Marine Engine

4 cylinders in line 50 HP (36,8 kW) 3000 RPM

The MINI-55 marine engine is the twin of the MINI-44 but with a turbocharger, giving it an additional 10 HP. With mechanical injection and turbocharging, this 4-cylinder, 1,758 cc engine delivers 50 HP at 3,000 rpm, mounted on a Mitsubishi block. Its compact size makes it an ideal choice for 11-12 meter sailboats that require power but have limited space, such as llaüts and small motorboats. Solé marinization, designed and manufactured entirely in our plant, features one-piece, weld-free heat exchangers that minimize leak risk, and Solé exclusive oversized seawater pumps. We offer multiple kits to facilitate repowering and reduce installation costs, as well as a wide variety of configurations. The MINI-55 complies with RCD II regulations.
Base engine manufacturer Mitsubishi
Intermittent power 50 HP - 36,8 KW
Max RPM 3000 RPM
Number of strokes 4
Number of cylinders 4
Layout of cylinders in line
Cylinder diameter 78 MM
Cylinder stroke 92 MM
Total displacement 1758 CC
Intake system Turbocharged
Standard voltage 12 V
Certifications and emissions EU: RCD II (DIR. 2013/53/EU)